Dangerous Duo

Parents often stand by their children no matter what. We have all heard of cases where the evidence in a case against someone is overwhelming over a criminal act, yet parents are standing in support of their child. However, in a minority of instances, it is the opposite. Many months ago, my child stood up and exposed the events that had been going on around him and decided that he no longer wanted to live that life or at least until conditions were better. The ensuing months of dealing with his mom and her actions were a living hell. What happened was twisted and evil and the only thing that meant anything was her ability to try to use her child to get more money and to change history. My parents admitted to being scammed by her as I received texts from others across social media citing the same almost daily. Yet, amidst the turmoil, there formed an evil bond between herself and my psychotic parents. All the while, my checks that were in her possession started being passed around and written and deposited to other accounts. She overdrew the checking account that she continued to use that was also in my name for $600 which I had to pay to keep if from impacting my credit. Fraudulent credit cards were opened in my name, I was reported “deceased” and all contact information on my accounts changed to her address so I would never find out. It was a nightmare costing me thousands and having to shut down my checking accounts, etc. Meanwhile, she texts us saying that people are after her for money and that she is worried for the safety of my son as they threatened to kill him. She claimed the same about her ex boyfriend whom she attests is a high ranking gang member. Now, these evil monsters who love to hid behind their bibles want to stand up for her and suggest that it is the fault of a therapist and that my son was brainwashed? Give me a break!! It takes a mighty sick person to benefit from a marriage where they walk out and turn to the very toxic force whom they had been the number one target of for many years. Getting on your feet and having a safe place to live is not the only step to earning enough trust to see my son. Proving that you are able to provide for the emotional needs of my son will be just as important as proving that you can provide safety. But this will require you to put your child’s needs in front of your own. Being a toxic, evil person certainly does not accomplish that so you clearly aren’t off to a good start.

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