Small Town Nobodies

Years ago, I reacted harshly when I heard a very self serving birthday message to my son announced over the radio that had been submitted by my parents.  Who would ever have known the toxic  circumstances at the time? Anyone else in his position would have shared such a Godly, doting message by proud grandparents without question.  It occurred in my small town of Stuart, Virginia and was voiced by a popular servant of the community who has since retired from our radio station. He is a wonderful writer and shares the word of God almost daily. My parents love such a platform because it allows them to paint their own story, and the audience is filled with sincere, small town, God loving, hard working, family centered folks. His excellent writing is commented on by my mom regularly.  Most posts are scriptural or in reference to the message. However, whenever the message fits, she uses the platform to share their slanderous narrative. In this message we can see their disdain for what they call  “small town” cronies  as they’ve now moved on to the “big city” of Greensboro.  I am pretty sure this language is straight from an episode of Andy Griffith. You just can’t make this stuff up!

To the good folks and neighbors of Stuart, please share this and please check out the previous posts containing the sad dialog that has been hidden for all too long. You can see examples of her writings as comments to these scriptural writings that are very popular in my small town.  Please pray for my family’s peace and for the touch of God’s healing hand at this time.

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