The Enabler

The enabler will defend the narcissist even at the peril of his parents, siblings, children, and others. The toxic language of the enabler and his unique ability to inflict pain seem almost as toxic as his narcissist. They are of one spirit when it comes to their steadfast agreement upon lies and are seamlessly able to rewrite history and create a false narrative. Often adored by the community as “salt of the earth” Godly people who certainly aren’t capable of bringing harm to anyone. They masterfully weaponize their Bibles as we will soon see. The narcissist repeatedly claims that all of her friends consider her the most Christlike person they have ever known and the enabler mirrors this for her reputation in the community.

The enabler’s job is to bring attention to the narcissist whenever possible and to be willing to sacrifice himself through his defense of her honor. When this relationship goes sour, watch out! If he looks at another woman in a way that she does not like, he will be walking home from whatever city they’re in. He gets locked in the garage with the alarm armed in the remainder of the house. Sometimes he will just vanish for days at a time.

As he ages, the enabler is entrenched and unable to find any escape. He is constantly reminded of his transgressions throughout previous years sparking a duty to stand by his narcissist. All contact to the enabler must first go through the narcissist.

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